The enterprise solution for a seamless group holographic experience  

Want to turn Magic Leap from a solo to a collaborative mixed reality experience? 

Want to share and interact with 3D content with other Magic Leap users face-to-face? 


Holopresenter™ is Box Bear’s bespoke software solution enabling multiple Magic Leap users to see and experience the same 3D animated content in a Mixed Reality environment simultaneously, under the control of a main Holo-guide. This award-winning platform enables high-quality engagement that differentiates you from your competitors in face-to-face situations such as exhibition stand events, or even high-value sales calls.  

Share 3D animated objects, volumetric video, and 3D graphs and data on a one-to-one basis, with a small team, or with a larger audience. Holopresenter™ gives structure to presentations and sales calls and keeps the presenter in control of the pace and flow of the content.  

By using Mixed rather than Virtual Reality, the presenter and audience can speak and interact naturally, and holographic content can be placed strategically within the real world. For example, have delegates guided on a journey around an exhibition stand or permanent display with each presentation guiding them on to the next point of interest. 

Designed for agencies to manage the experience on behalf of their clients, Holopresenter™ allows you to build narratives and journeys – think of it as the 3D version of PowerPoint- allowing you to build immersive presentations and allocate roles for various headsets to enhance the experience. 

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